Pay Issues and Wage Theft

Legal help with wage problems

The Workplace Justice Project may be able to help you if:

  • You were not paid the amount promised to you for your work; or
  • You were not paid for all of the hours that you worked; or
  • Your actual pay works out to less than $7.25 an hour (the federal minimum wage) when you divide your pay by the number of hours you worked in each week; or
  • You worked more than 40 hours a week and did not receive extra overtime pay; or
  • You did construction work on a government project and were not paid the required prevailing wage rate; or
  • Your employer made illegal deductions from your pay.

The right to be paid minimum wage and overtime pay applies to most employees, including workers that are paid by day rate, piece rate, and salary. The federal law also protects workers that are paid in cash and off-the-books.


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Notice: This is general information and is not legal advice.