Unleash Local

The Workplace Justice Project is a proud member of Unleash Local, a coalition of Louisiana working families, local elected officials and community organizations fighting for local control over labor standards. We believe that local communities should have the power to decide what kind of local economy they want to build, and that local leaders should have the power to act to ensure jobs in their communities can sustain families. We are working to change Louisiana state law to untie local leaders’ hands and unleash local economies.

Prompted by corporate lobbyists, the Louisiana Legislature passed a law in 1999 that bans local governments from setting standards for pay and other benefits. These same lobbyists have prevented the legislature from passing a state minimum wage and other worker protections. With the federal minimum wage stuck at $7.25 for the past decade and cost of living on the rise, local lawmakers have watched helplessly as families in their communities fall further and further behind. It’s time the Legislature restores power over local labor standards to local leaders so they can unleash the potential of their local economies.

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