What is Misclassification?


“Taking advantage of relaxed U.S. Department of Labor guidelines that now allow for risk-based audits, the Louisiana Workforce Commission has racked up some impressive numbers in tracking down businesses that improperly classify employees.

To date, LWC audits have identified nearly 9,400 employees statewide that have been misclassified as contract labor.”

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Dozens take part in ‘Fight for 15’ protest in Gert Town

In New Orleans, protesters stormed down Carrollton Avenue at dawn and right into a McDonald’s restaurant as they continue to demand change when it comes to minimum wages in the city, state and nation.

“We have no state minimum wage in Louisiana, but most people are paid the federal minimum wage of $7.25. Even $15 an hour, what folks are asking for, still gets you to only $31,000 a year,” said Erika Zucker, with Workplace Justice Project at the Loyola Law Center

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Women and Pay in Louisiana


“According to Gov. John Bel Edwards, women comprise nearly 80 percent of the minimum wage earners in Louisiana. This, he says, contributes to the state’s extreme gender disparity in pay — America’s largest. It’s one more example of Louisiana finishing at the top of a “bad” list.”

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