The Workplace Justice Project builds resources and enforces workers’ rights, cultivating legal and economic opportunities to uphold and respect the dignity of all workers.

Who We Are


Educated workers are their own best advocates. In addition to educating workers, volunteers, and staff through each potential case we work with, the WJP holds community workshops to make sure people know their rights in the workplace and empower them to advocate for their own fair treatment.


Legal resources for low-wage workers in Louisiana are extremely limited. The WJP’s experienced lawyers represent several workers, including many immigrant workers, each year. If we can’t take your case, we’ll do our best to find someone who can.


The issues many of our clients face are rooted in shortcomings in our legal system. At the WJP, we form alliances to enforce existing laws and hold government agencies accountable, while examining the need for changes in the law that will improve the work livelihoods of workers.

Get Involved


Volunteers help us to conduct interviews with workers that haven’t been paid, serve as interpreters and translators for those interviews, or help to research cases. Learn more or contact us to get involved.


Our volunteer advocates help build alliances in the community to raise awareness of the challenges faced by low-wage workers and working families. Learn more or contact us to get involved.