1. 10aÃaW¢Â€Â™al6ikum assalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,In many of our recipes we mix by hand to show those who don’t have mixers that it can be done by hand. If you have an electric whisk, go ahead and use it.f7

  2. The very core of your writing whilst sounding reasonable initially, did not really work perfectly with me personally after some time. Somewhere throughout the sentences you were able to make me a believer but only for a short while. I however have got a problem with your jumps in assumptions and you would do well to help fill in those breaks. When you can accomplish that, I will definitely end up being impressed.

  3. Speaking for one of the organizations that was back-handedly disparaged, I think at the very least a formal apology from Mr. Karnofsky is due to us directly, especially as we had been in correspondence privately. You might also strongly encourage him to apologize to Charity Navigator, Heifer International, and anyone else whose reputation was anonymously, but not disinterestedly, besmirched.– Mike Everett-Lane, DonorsChoose.org

  4. Hey again,Em delighted about you know what – just don’t bring it home!!! I’m finishing up work now to get ready for my hols – can’t wait. Had the pub quiz for Elaine last night and we made about €650.00 – she’s thrilled. Will make contact Sunday. Luv ya, Marguerite

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  6. I lived in the heavily Muslim area of Bristol, Easton, for many years. On Christmas Day, our muslim neighbours would always wish us a Happy Christmas, and often commented on how pretty our tree was, which was in our bay window.

  7. – Oh my goodness. That’s just a big ole’ bowl of healthfulness right there. Never occurred to me to put pumpkin in my chili, but I heart all things pumpkin so I’m certainly not opposed to it. I wonder if you could sub butternut squash?

  8. Speaking as one who once bought every Dylan vinyl as soon as it appeared at the local record store, I think he has been one of life’s greatest disillusionments. I don’t think I have anything of his stuff now. If I hear “Blowin’ in the Wind” on the radio, I seethe. He’s an Idiot Wind.

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  10. ”Anne in swON, I love the comments at the two sites you noted. Trudeau, what a putz!! He needs a good slap upside the head. Compliments to Alexandra Gunn for pursuing her questioning of Trudeau. His responses illustrate the imbecile that he is. How pathetic that the Liberals would even consider him as a possible leader for their party. Just when you think the Liberals have hit rock bottom they prove you wrong by going even lower. Trudeau is so far removed from what you expect from a leader it’s not even funny. IMO, he’s totally out of his element.

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  12. So did the grass in the sides of your drive, until Sophie calmed down a bit, the evening calmed her. The fresh air was blowing off the distant hills, and clumps of trees planted in the sides of your drive rustled majestically in it.

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  15. Herman was in Amsterdam vaste klant bij Van Beek Graphic art supplies. Het moet in 1979 geweest zijn. Herman stormde binnen op zoek naar een spuitbus cocacola-rood. Mijn vriendin was verkoopster bij Van Beek en hielp de half kleurenblinde Brood daarbij. In het kielzog van Herman was ook Nina Hagen binnengekomen. Terwijl Herman op zoek was naar zijn rood, stond die Nina zich op te maken met uit de rekken gestolen kleurmarkers.

  16. I was a U.S. Citizen, put that onto our Family Passport, and told us to call the Embassy if there was any problems with the People's Republic. But due to the fact that Dad was still Legally a Citizen of Hungary at the time of my Birth, I could claim Hungarian Citizenship today, if I choose to do so.Now Barry may use his Dad's Kenyan Citizenship if he needs to skeedaddle out of the Country and Claim Asylum in Nairobi, but I don't see why he would ever feel the need to do so….

  17. Pat… Também estou de quatro! Que arranjo maravilhoso, que harmonia! Me enlevou tanto que até lembrei a letra da música (que estava guardada desde a minha infância em um cantinho da minha memória!). Demais…

  18. Estou construindo um telhado em um corredor lateral e pretendo intercalar telhas de cer̢mica com telhas de policarbonato.Pra um telhado de 6,20 x 1,80m (11,2 m2 de telhado Рsegundo o pedreiro necessitaria 320 telhas no total) o qual pretendo que fique bem iluminado (̩ um jardim de inverno) qual a quantidade de telhas transparentes que devo utilizar, ou seja, quantas dessas 320 devem ser de policarbonato?

  19. Reply to Community Worker.Infact where have we seen this combination before, albeit a much friendlier version?Let’s look at the evidence…..An ugly boorish ogre with few friends who most likely scares his neighbours when he leaves his house….Then you have the little one…. Always talking but never really saying much but just keeps on and on without thinking….Step forward….Shrek and Donkey!!!

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  22. « Pour un nouveau roman, (…) appellation dont on n’a pas fini de se demander si elle désigne juste un coup de bluff ou une date dans notre histoire littéraire.  »C’est quand même un peu le problème : il y a encore des gens pour se le demander, et ne pas voir comme on leur a vendu n’importe quoi ; or il pullulent dans les facultés, et règnent nombreux sur la critique littéraire.

  23. This was unnecessary, there was no problem with "communications" before this EO. He fabricated a problem and came up with a solution, a typical false flag which ultimately erodes the rights and freedom of Americans even more. I can see martial law being declared by this tyrant before the elections, he will never accept defeat. We need to be prepared for any and all possibilities. Remember 1776 and Keep Your Powder Dry!

  24. Polnische Ostsee ist echt super! Glaubt man erst wenn mans erlebt hat. Wir waren damals Campingexilanten, da man das Stammklientel und Betreiber der deutschen Campingplätze nicht ertragen kann. Ich war positiv überrascht: nette Menschen und tolle Strände”¦ warum denn in die Ferne schweifen?Und bei Danzig hat man sogar fast “weiße Nächte”, einmalig schön.

  25. for lack of anywhere else to post this I'll post it here. 7-28 07 I e-mailed the tube team about the counters on my vids being frozen while on my channel and account page they show many more views. I got a srandard e-mail response directing me to the useless help page. let's see if they correct the problem.

  26. So, Mark, it's getting gloomier and scarier and the tension is ratcheting up. And the payoff will knock you out of your socks. Because you are not prepared.And then, and then, just when you're looking around bewildered for your socks, not expecting more, it will throw you down the stairs, set you on fire and leave you in a blazing puddle on the floor, without socks. That's how good this book is. Can't wait to see you on the 20th in Detroit, when you have just finished The Two Towers. We'll see if your eyebrows are singed.

  27. Ahahahaha! Il dialogo con le ragazze mi piaceva!!Ci credo, deve essere proprio bello conversare con qualcuno (cosa che non mi riesce molto facilmente al di fuori della scuola). Specialmente se poi l’argomento e interessante.Ma dài, Licia! Ho perso i conti, a che mese sei?Ah, ho capito, ce lo vuoi dire all’improvviso! Così sarà una sorpresa! Oppure mi sbaglio?

  28. It has to be seen in context of Labour out of power 1979-97. Davison was working with Blair/Nu Labour. She may have cared about paedos, Nu Labour cared about power. Scallywag article was designed to smear Tories.Anyone know the date of the Scallywag article?

  29.  ( 2012.03.3 05:17 ) : This was a truly quite beneficial publish. In theory I’d wish to create like this also – getting time and actual effort to make a fantastic piece of writing… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and by no means seem to obtain something done.

  30. I just wanted to thank you so much for such great information. I still have a few years to go but it still helps to be informed. By the time I retire things will totally be different because the Canadian Government likes to change things without our input.

  31. How sweet. You quoted me. : )Having had the honor of reading an ARC of Two Close for , I just have to say that I loved this . I’m a sucker for second chances because often times dumb stuff, like pride, can get in the way and prevent two people who should be together from repairing the rift.Glad the release day is nearly here. Happy sales! : )

  32. I really would like to know why or how can any nurse be able to perform abortion on any women whos severly depressed, after reading some ladies stories here some very similar to my own …..going thru operation , counselling very upset and sobbing througout. I am under impression no one can or should make serious descions under such depressed state of mind. Im wanting to know why the doctors or nurse are able to go ahead when we are not in right state of mind….

  33. And to answer your other question of the consequences, then the anal glands will become impacted and may need surgery of some sort. I’m not a vet, but that’s my understanding of it. But it isn’t an issue that all dogs have, and trust me if yours did, you’d probably know about it by now because it STINKS!

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  36. This is such an important post. THANK YOU for raising awareness about anxiety/depression. I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life. I finally found a wonderful psychiatrist; she has helped me a great deal. People need to know that anxiety is a common problem even for (especially for?) pregnant women and new mamas. With the right help, life will be manageable and joyful again. Hugs to all of those struggling.

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