The U.S. cited for Systemic Violations of Workers’ Rights by ITUC Global Rights Index

The International Trade Union Confederation Global Rights Index released on May 19 ranks the U.S. a dismal 4, a sign of “systematic violations”.


“The ITUC Global Rights Index rates countries from one to five according to 97 indicators, with an overall score placing countries in one to five rankings.

1 – Irregular violations of rights: 18 countries including Denmark and Uruguay
2 – Repeated violations of rights: 26 countries including Japan and Switzerland
3 – Regular violations of rights: 33 countries including Chile and Ghana
4 – Systematic violations of rights: 30 countries including Kenya and the USA
5 – No guarantee of rights: 24 countries including Belarus, Bangladesh and Qatar
5+ – No guarantee of rights due to breakdown of the rule of law: 8 countries including Central African Republic and Somalia.”

Read more about the ITCU rankings or find the full report here


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