The WJP Brings the Fight for Workers’ Rights to the Louisiana Legislature

On May 24, 2012, the Louisiana House of Representatives adopted and enrolled HCR 76, a study resolution directing the Louisiana State Law Institute  “to study all options, specifically lien rights, and make specific recommendations for legislation to provide an effective remedy for unpaid wages that will be an efficient tool to obtain wrongfully withheld wages without requiring expensive litigation, and that such legislation clearly establish that violations of workplace laws are against the public policy of the state.” 

The resolution was introduced and sponsored by Rep. Patricia Haynes Smith and drafted by WJP, staff, with help from attorneys from the Louisiana Employment Lawyers Association.  The resolution was introduced in April and came before the House Civil Law and Procedure Committee on April 24, where the WJP’s Director Luz Molina and Policy Coordinator Erika Zucker appeared in support of the resolution, along with allies from the Interfaith Worker Justice Committee, the Conference of Catholic Bishops, SEIU Local 21LA, the Louisiana Budget Project, the Jesuit Social Research Institute, and Puentes New Orleans. The resolution passed out of the committee without objection. It was subsequently approved by both houses of the Legislature and adopted and enrolled on May 24, 2012. 

We hope to work with the Louisiana State Law Institute to prepare draft legislation for introduction in the 2014 legislative session. In the meantime, our efforts to build and maintain alliances and prepare supporting materials for our policy efforts continue. 

Click HERE to view the full text of the resolution.

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