Because we understand that litigation alone will not solve the problems of unpaid wages and discrimination, we build alliances in the community to raise awareness of the challenges faced by low-wage workers and working families. Together we advocate for:

  • The rights of low-wage workers for greater access to government agencies, the court system, and before policymakers.
  • Within the court system to increase access to justice for low wage workers, creating a more streamlined system for bringing claims and recovering wages.
  • Within government agencies to raise awareness of the circumstances surrounding wage claims and for greater accountability from the agencies charged with protecting rights in the workplace.
  • For changes and modifications in the law, to bring greater worker protections to workers in the state of Louisiana, and to bring the voices and experiences of low-wage workers into the debate for economic security.

Contact us at if you are volunteer interested in our policy-advocacy work, or if you are another community organization looking to partner advocacy efforts.